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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lalaloopsy Activity Pack

So my daughter thinks these Lalaloopsy dolls are so cute and fun, so I decided to make her an activity pack full of activities to do with them. My daughter likes to do a pack all in one sitting. She is insatiable when it comes to learning and these activity packs are no different. She loves them and always wants more.

I laminated this pack, as I re printed the other two I created and laminated them as well, so they can be reused. When I laminate them I try use both sides of the laminating pouch, if you print on card stock you can probably save on the amount of paper you use also by printing double sided, the only thing you have to be careful with the pages that need to be cut, I leave them single sided.

So let me go through how my daughter and I used this Lalaloopsy activity pack.

So my daughter used dry erase crayon for the Prewriting Practice and Tracing the lines and circles. I am so surprised about how fast she can do it. She is one hundred percent perfect at it (like sometimes there are mistakes and it looks like a mess), but she is really good at it and does them quiet speedy.

We did the shadow matching which are all the same shape. I decided to use circles with this pack because Lalaloopsy (if you don't already know) are rag dolls that were magically brought to life. So they have button eyes and such. So the circles and buttons seemed like a nice addition to this pack. Since all the shapes are circles, this activity varied in size. The lesson was differentiating between BIG, Medium, small, and tiny. Along with color, this is also the reasoning behind the tracing circles.

Colors and coloring is so much fun, My daughter is pretty good at recognizing her colors and even getting better at coloring in the lines or in an area instead of just scribbling all over the page but she still needs some work. So I like to create activities where she will have to color things in. The Colors page that the circles look like donuts are to be colored in and we must try to write the color names as well. This activity proved difficult for my daughter and it may be the size of the font, however with some work she will be able to excel at it. For the ones she did try she didn't do that badly but I did help. We instead did some flash cards I made her to practice her letters, I made them a while ago, but I will discuss them at a later date/ post.
The Circles that have the color names inside them is meant for color/ and word recognition you must color the circle the color it says. The Colors page with the flower buttons is just more writing practice. (because the font was smaller then usual, we used a dry erase marker instead of the crayons and she liked that better)

Uppercase L letter recognition, can either not be laminated and used with dot paint, which I had thought would be fun for my daughter. However, I decided to laminate it so I can be reused and use it with our Pom Poms and tweezers. Use the tweezers to pick up the pom poms and place them on the circles in the picture.

Cutting Practice and Sticker Paste are the only pages in this pack that I did not laminate. She loves doing them and I realized...(DUH!) to cut the cutting practice page in strips for her, it is so much easier for her to cut on the lines then.  With sticker paste, my daughter still needs to master "a dot, NOT a lot." (Laugh out loud)
I tried to make this activity last longer, so when she pasted the picture on another piece of paper, I had her draw a frame / decorate around the picture.

The Next picture that is cut up you can use as an additional sticker paste or you can use it as a puzzle. We laminated and used it as a puzzle.

The Next puzzle, is great for number recognition as well as sequencing (in a way) because 2 has to come before 3, unless you are doing it backwards but then their still is a certain sequence. Just cut this puzzle into strips, don't cut the numbers off of it, unless you don't want numbers.

 Size Sequencing is always fun, I like the idea of putting a magnetic strip behind it, and using it on a magnetic board or a baking sheet or even the refrigerator.

What Comes Next, is all about patterns, and completing the pattern another one my daughter does pretty quickly, I think it is because all those My Child Can Discover books, mostly the pattern book. Patterns are an important part of early math.

What's different, is a fun exercise that you have to find the object that is different from the rest. I tried to make it challenging at first with the Lalaloopsys that have the same hair color.

The Match Ups are fun as well, drawing a line to and from the matching pair of objects, and the quantity and numeral.

Addition is an important math exercise for me to teach my daughter at this stage and it is probably the most difficult thing in pack (this is something my daughter has yet to master on her own). Count the objects separately to see what you are adding together and then all together to get the sum, you can discuss the words of Addition like adding, sum, equals, plus. The answers are on the answer page, just place them into the square that it belongs.

Letter Sorting- Cut out the Uppercase and Lowercase Ll on the next page and have your child sort them, putting the correct ones in each corresponding square.

Letter Identification is one my daughter really enjoyed. She loved searching the letters for the Ll and circling them all up.

I hope you and your little one, enjoy this activity pack as well. Remember to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Also I thoroughly enjoy any comments I receive, so comment here, on facebook or even tweet me. Also feel free to share our blog with your friends and families. As well as blog about us...You can grab out NEW button off the side bar. I would love to see and read your blogs as well, so facebook or tweet them to me, if I see things that I like I will share and post/link to your blog.


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! You saved me a lot of time for my kindergarten. She is in love with lalaloopsy and always wants her worksheets to resemble them. She's a little advance for this worksheet but helps for reinforcement and keeping her busy


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