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Monday, October 21, 2013

13 Days of Halloween

Okay so Saturday started 13 days of Halloween, did you know that? Well we did, we started our Halloween crafts!  We got this craft that I am highlighting in this post and most of the activities that I will post about in the next few days from, I will make sure to clarify where we got each craft in each post. 
As I said this particular craft we got from it is a cute Haunted House calendar that marks the days till Halloween! It is a fun and very easy craft because it is basically all there for you...its a print out and all you need is tape and scissors although we used glue stick as well. My daughter enjoyed cutting out the numbers and taping them to the house and pasting the clues underneath each  number.
There is a cute poem with clues on what to put of each day, we read them together and in a spooky voice. We love to create accents and different voices (lol). I love this activity because it reinforces many things we are practicing such as cutting, pasting, number recognition and even reading! Isabella loved doing this activity and she runs to the refrigerator where we keep the calender every morning to check which craft or craft theme we are doing for the day and how many more days there are until Halloween.
I highly recommend this activity because it is very adaptable for multiple ages.It is simple and still fun and engaging. The other activities look like and haven been so far a lot of fun. I also recommend this website as there is a FREE membership and they have a plethora of wonderful activities all year round.
 You will have to sign up to receive the activity and other activities but Sign up is FREE and definitely worth your time!

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