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What We Are All About

I created this blog that I am trying to turn into a functional website with the intention of communicating with other parents interested in early education.

I know there are huge debates about early education, and I admit that I do not know everything that there is to know about it. All I do know is my daughters journey and enjoyment in learning and that it works for her. I find it beneficial for my daughter. It is not for everyone, and we all do it differently. Some parents are highly against television, some limit it or do not have any objections. Do what you believe in, if you disagree and think babies should be babies do that with your child.

My research and experience is basically concentrated on the right brain education. The goal is to enable the full, balanced functioning of both sides of the brain by nurturing the right brain, which results in a greater whole-brain intelligence and creativity. Babies brains are growing at an astronomical pace, babies brains make new connections much faster then we do, faster then they will ever be again. They are able to learn and grasp things not only faster but better then we can as young children, adolescents and adults. Just think about foreign language and how some people are brought up bilingual. I know many people that have taken foreign language in high school and even college. I know people who learned earlier at ages 10 that cannot master the language as well as a 3 or 4 year old learning that language. Most likely the younger person will have better grammar and pronunciation. This is the same with the written language , mathematics, and music. Of course it does not stop there you can teach your child or baby any facts and they will learn it easily.

America is currently lacking in education. We are not taking care of our future, nor are we doing right by them. I highly recommend the documentary Waiting for Superman to any of those who want to disagree and believe that America is doing well when it comes to education. If you want look up the statistics. I have suffered the injustices of schools and I went to a private school. So when our world seems so hopeless I am here to give my daughter hope and that is through EDUCATION.

My daughter has fallen in love with books ever since she was a few months old. One of her first words after Dada and dog but before Mama was books. I have let her watch DVDs including Your Baby Can Read, don't get me started when it comes to that debate, you can find posts on my blog when it comes to that. If you disagree with it, then the obvious decision for you is not to partake in it. But don't discourage others from it, let them make their own educated decisions. We use flashcards and all sorts of toys including homemade. You do not need  media to teach. 

Blooming Brilliant Blog is about my daughter and my journey as a mother. It is no where near professional, it isn't meant to be. I am here to talk to and communicate with other parents who believe in what I believe in. Have enlighten conversations and find alternatives and techniques when it comes to early education and parenting.

Our Principles is basically a list of  our core principles on this journey.

On Our Bookshelf is a digital bookshelf, so toys, dvds and of course books that I am using with my daughter are listed here. Along with reviews.

Printable is a page devoted to downloads I have created and am using with my daughter, that you can download and print and laminate or use with your children.

Our Learning Tools Channel is a youtube channel devoted to educational videos and tips I created and posted. 

I want the very best for my child not only intellectually but overall. I want her to be a complete human being that is loved unconditionally. I want her to believe in herself and in the world and have all the opportunities that it brings.

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